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A brilliant hidden position on FIFA 17

FIFA 17 can be a more complex game than meets the eye sometimes.

Players will come up with all kinds of excuses why they have lost a game. But, equally, gamers will claim they know certain secrets and tricks, too.

An old favourite is playing with a front three and having the two speedy wide men as far up and as wide as possible. It leaves the defence stretched and heaps on the pressure.

Still, YouTube videos pop up all the time with hints and tips around the game and while some appear like common sense, some can certainly give gamers an edge.

We all know it is vital how you set your team up. If you don't have pace, do not play wide. And likewise, if you don't have a player capable of troubling defences in the air, don't play long or rely on crosses.

But from a formation standpoint, what can you do to make yourself stronger?

Recently, it was revealed that a 4-3-3 formation with an attacking midfielder supporting the front man is the basis of the most fruitful attacking formation on the fifa 17 coins game.

But how about revolutionising your defence? By using one simple trick courtesy of YouTube user playerhot , you can unlock a position otherwise unavailable on the game.

By adjusting the position of your centre-back and dragging him close to the goalkeeper, an option of 'SW' appears, which of course means sweeper.

That position is not available on any default formation and only by dragging the player are you able to find it.

If you choose to give it a go, it essentially means your defender will drop deeper than your backline, pop the ball out of defence for you and prevent those pesky balls over the top by holding a deeper line.

If you haven't tried it before, it's well worth a go. If you're looking for an obscure gem to try it with, Santos man Josue Chiamulera has good pace, decent ball control and passing skills for a centre-back, look him up!

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