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Bringing Postbag back

Maybe RS playerers pay more attention to monsters and residents. Now you should see back to the Postbag from the Hedge.

If your issues is interesting enough, you'll produce a place in one of our Postbags, together with other issues from your other players. These Postbags are launched on our website for all to see and stay recognizable for a outstanding many a few several weeks to come. Now that's an honour!

To post your Christmassy issues to your recommended (or unfavourite) NPCs please research the submission suggestions below and then provide your issues to the Postbag present e-mail cope with.

Beware: Due to you will of the Postbag, you might find out spoilers for previous content.

Here is where you can talk about the Postbag from the Secure. You can viewpoint on the alternatives launched, or perhaps try to execute out what the Problem Important is indicating at.

We'll try to reaction any issues you have, but easy in ideas that issues for NPCs must be directed to the Postbag present e-mail cope with and please involve your in-game display name so we can credit score rating you effectively.

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When you hear the postbag back, what is your thoughts? And what is your suggestions to Jagex?

In my opinion, hank you for bringing this back! I missed it!

Question: With the old postbag, we weren't allowed to write letters to the gods. Are we allowed to now or does that rule still apply?
Are the new postbags to be considered canon? Or will they just be a continuation of the ones with the disclaimer saying that they're non-canon unless otherwise mentioned?

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