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Communication with Playerhot! Win Free Gold.

We all know that Halloween is just around the corner, and for a lot of people Halloween makes them think of something strange. Trick or treat, costumes, strange masks are as a synonym for Halloween. At the same time, we Playerhot are in order to achieve better development. we have prepared several questions. And by communication, we can do our best to meet your potential demands and expectations. Questions are as follows:

01. What kind of event do you want us to do?

02. What kind of Mmo game do you love best?

07. You can tell us your saddest or happiest story in game, because We are willing to share
with you.

08. Halloween is around the corner, What kind of costumes do you like??

The number of our questions is limited, but you can provide more questions for us, Just show us your creativity. We make improvements in what areas, please tell us. As long as it is good to us that we will adopt your suggestions.

We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to fill out questions HERE, we will carefully read all of the answers one by one.


We will randomly pick out 10 lucky dogs from all the posts below and each will be rewarded 5M RS3 gold on October 31. You can also request to get other game currency if you do not need RS Gold.

The deadline for Communication with Playerhot is October 31, 2013. let us hear your voices, thank you!

Playerhot Marketing Team


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