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Do you like FFXIV 14

First, introduce what is Final Fantasy XIV.

FFXIV Gil is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It needs a signing up to execute the encounter which is done via the Rectangular shape Enix Account Control System. Gamers first make and customize a character, being able to select from various pre-selected
choices such as competitors, sex, experience functions, and job type. After selecting a character name and server to execute on, they are placed into the encounter world, where they are free to join in the mission's story, discover the landscapes, fight various animals, finish projects and projects, and connect with other players. In contrast to many Last Desire actions, the player may select to execute in third- or first-person perspective.

Second, introduce the story.

Looking for control over the soothing globe of Eorzea and its several extremely resources, the more impressive community of the Garlean Empire invades the globe from the north. In vengeance, despite their modifications and anatgonisms, the city-states of Eorzea recover the Large Companies—comprehensive features of control which combine the cities' military and economical resources. The player joins one of these declares to aid in the war effort. Though Garlean imperials like Gaius van Bealsar strategy
to get over, the attack force's innovator, 8th Imperial Hord Legatus Nael van Darnus, has his own strategy. Incredibly rounded on getting rid of all he identifies as poisons, Nael orchestrated Project Meteor to contact for small sized heavenly satellite tv Dalamud and eliminate all lifestyle.

Last, but not the least.
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