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FIFA 18 demo are playable

The FIFA 18 demo has been released – the wait is ALMOST over.

We go through everything you need to know about EA SPORTS’ latest football game – from when you can get it, how long it will take to download, and who you can play on it.

When is the demo out?

The FIFA 18 demo has gone live this evening – September 12.

The demo can be downloaded from Origin, PSN Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

Go go go!

Why can I see the FIFA 18 demo on the Xbox store?

The demo will be approximately 7.3GB in size – pretty hefty, so expect a download time of at least one-two hours, depending on connection.
How can I play the Switch demo?

There will be no Nintendo Switch demo.

Nintendo gamers will have to wait until September 29 for the full version

How can I download the demo on Xbox, PS4 and PC?

The demo will appear in Origin, PS Store and Xbox Live. It'll be 'Featured' so should be easy to find.

If there are any issues, use the 'search' function and type in 'FIFA 18 demo'.

Once you find it, click 'download' and it'll begin the process.

How long will it take to download?

This all depends on your connection - but anything more than 7GB is pretty large.

The servers will be under strain given just how many people will be downloading it, so the earlier you can download the game, the better.

To give yourself the best possible chance, make sure to connect your console to an Ethernet cable. You'll see slightly faster speeds.

Also, try to disconnect other things - such as movie streaming services - while you download. They'll hog the bandwidth.
Who is in the fifa 18 coins demo?

You'll be able to play as a number of teams including Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, PSG and Juventus.

Here's the full line up:

    Manchester City
    Manchester United
    Real Madrid
    Atletico Madrid
    Bayern Munich
    LA Galaxy
    Toronto FC

You'll also likely be able to play through the first part of The Journey: Hunter Returns - although we wouldn't do that unless you've played the first one.

No sweat, here's what happens at the end of The Journey  - if you won't have time to play through it.

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