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FIFA 18 make money fast

There is little over a week until hordes of people across the globe will be coming down with mysterious illnesses that force them to call in sick from work, and that can only mean one thing: FIFA 18 is almost here!

But while the official release date is still a few days away, it is possible to start playing the game already – a full week before launch. And for Ultimate Team players, that means you can get a big head start on everyone else!

On Thursday, the web app for this year’s iteration of FIFA is released. If you’re new to the concept, the web app functions much in the same way as the transfer market does, only it is infinitely easier to navigate – albeit prone to crashing when it is first launched.

When you first load up the web app, you will receive loyalty packs and starter packs, the number of which is decided on the number of FUT matches played in the previous edition of the game. You will also receive a daily gift, such as packs or coins, every day that you load up the app. That leads on to…


Don’t bother trying to build a team at this stage. Unless you got lucky and received an elite player – we’re talking an 85 fifa 18 coins rating or higher – sell everything you got from your loyalty packs immediately to build up your coffers. Give them a one-hour listing and keep relisting until they sell.

It goes without saying that spending coins on packs at this stage is a bad idea. Also, hold off on getting rid of those useless, untradeable bronze players you got in the starter park (more on that later!) and save up any contracts for later.

Now it’s time to start reinvesting those funds…

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