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How to get FREE and easy coins for fifa18

FIFA 18 has finally arrived - and there's never a better time to use the web app to get ahead of the game.

The app allows users to collect daily gifts and build squads early, which could give you a real edge before the game launches on Friday.

And you can get free and easy Ultimate Team coins this way.

Here, we go through everything you need to know about the FIFA 18 Web App.

Let's kick off.

How much does the app cost?

The Web App is completely free.

What is the Webstart?

The Webstart allows you to trade and make coins, collect daily gifts and open returning user FUT packs.

Play it right and it'll give you a real edge come FIFA 18 launch.

Sounds great - should I just open loads of packs when it launches?

Nope! Ultimate Team recommends Webstart users to avoid splurging FUT coins on packs during this period.

That's because coins are far more valuable during this time so are best saved.

Were there any issues with the Webstart last year?

As you can imagine, thousands of players will be using the app to sate their FIFA 18 cravings.

This could cause strain on servers and result in the experience to be clunky for some.

Last year, an 'invite error' prevented some users to access the Webstart, which caused a huge amount of frustration for some fifa 18 coins gamers.

To avoid losing connection on your PC / Mac, leave a window open at all times -rather than shutting down the app altogether.

For those wanting to play on mobile, you'll have to download the Companion App, which Ultimate Team thinks will launch on September 21 at 6pm BST.

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