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Path of Exile Windripper Guide By Playerhot

If you’ve made it to the end game of Path of Exile, you’ve probably heard of Vault farming. If not, Vault farming is the most consistent way to make money through mapping. This is because Vault drops two divination cards that reward Exalted Orbs. In this league Vault is incredibly strong, because it was relocated on the Atlas. Now, you can apply seven sextants to it easily. It was also bumped up two tiers, so it gives more experience, although that probably won’t matter here.
What is Windripper?

If you’ve gotten this far, you might have heard of Windripper farming. It’s no secret that the best way to optimize your Vault profits is with Item Quantity (IQ) gear. Adding more IQ means more drops, plain and simple. Increased Rarity doesn’t do a ton for us because we don’t care that much about Unique items. We’re farming for pure currency drops and divination cards, neither of which are affected by rarity. So IQ all the way!

This is where Windripper comes in. Windripper is a bow that grants 15% IQ from frozen enemies. Since we freeze nearly every enemy with Herald of Ice and our critical hit probability, this is basically a 15% increase in IQ across the board. With IQ farming being the best way to get gold, this is just one more IQ poe orbs item that pushes our farming to the next level.

The rest of the build is designed around going as fast as possible, so it’s incredibly squishy. I’m going to show you two potential routes: maximum speed, and the leveling version. With maximum speed you will make more money, but you will die occasionally. Hence the leveling version, which moves slower, but has higher defenses, which allow for actual progression.

Basic Gear

The core of your build remains the same, regardless of which route you decide to take. For the weapon, you’ll obviously want a Windripper. Windripper isn’t an incredibly strong bow, as far as meta bows go. But, as we’ve discussed, using it allows you to have a much higher profit through the IQ on it. As for an amulet, you’re going to be using a Bisco’s Collar. It’s hard to get away from using Bisco’s at the best of times, so in an IQ build it’s unavoidable.

For your helmet, you’ll need one with the “2 Secondary Tornado Shot Projectiles” enchantment. Preferably on a Devoto’s Devotion, since it gives you the movement speed you’ll desperately want. If that’s too expensive for you, a Starkonja can work as well. In this league I personally believe that Stygian Vise, plus a strong Abyss jewel, is better than Headhunter, so get one of those as well. For your quiver you have the choice between using a strong rare quiver (potentially a +2 arrows Shaped quiver), or a Rigwald’s Quills. Personally, I don’t seen the need for Rigwalds, as I have no issue killing mobs. I prefer using a strong rare quiver for more single target damage. For your boots, use corrupted Darkray Vectors to add +1 to maximum frenzy charges.

Lastly, use two Ventor’s Gambles to fill out all your extra resistances, as well as increased quantity. Increased rarity on the Ventors doesn’t really matter, it’s fine if it’s reduced, as long as the other stats are good. Quantity will obviously be your most desired stat, but you still have to hit 75% of all resists. For Jewels, use the new Abyss jewels with increased flat elemental damage to both attacks and bow attacks. Make sure that every jewel has a critical strike multiplier on it, as that will be your biggest boost. Feel free to fill them out with life and resists as needed. Make sure you get a Lioneye’s Fall to turn the claw damage into bow damage.So more details in playerhot now..come on!

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