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Special FIFA 17 Ultimate Team squad rewards

THE FUT Birthday event is now in full swing, providing special FIFA 17 Ultimate Team squad rewards on the Web App, PS4, PC and Xbox One.

FIFA 17 have changed up their usual weekly offering of Ultimate Team action with a special new celebration that fans can enjou on the Web App, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The new FUT Birthday squad and daily rewards have been launched to celebrate FIFA 17 Ultimate Team turning 8 this year.

This means a special FUT Birthday Squad, new SBCs and daily rewards, which are set to run until April 14.

"Playing FUT every day could be very rewarding during FUT Birthday! Come back every day to complete a new Daily FUT Birthday SBC," a meesage from EA Sports teases.

It also seems likely that the squad will also be refreshed on April 8.

The FUT Birthday squad features 23 current players who were fan favorites in previous versions, each FUT Birthday Squad member has upgraded ratings reminiscent of their past FUT item and a brand-new item type.

As part of the new event, EA Sports are introducing brand new SBC Premium Items for the first time.

Three FUT favourites get an extra special Premium SBC version, these unique items will be upgraded  even more than their FUT Birthday Squad version.

These three are now live and include:

    91 ST Rated Fernando Torres - reminiscent of FUT 10 item
    88 CAM Rated Stetphan El Shaarawy - reminiscent of FUT 12 item
    90 CDM Rated David Luiz - reminiscent of FUT 13 item

When it comes to FUT Birthday rewards, fans can use the FIFA 17 coins Web App to login and collect them daily, although the extra Daily Birthday SBC rewards are untradeable and do not stack.

Players will also become eligible for additional tiered rewards if you complete 3 or more Daily Birthday SBCs. The more Daily Birthday SBCs you complete, the higher your reward, according to EA Sports.

The extra rewards will be distributed after the event ends and before April 14th, but will still include a chance to receive FUT Birthday Squad items.

    Exactly 3 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Mega Pack
    Exactly 4 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Prime Player Pack
    Exactly 5 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Rare Players Pack
    Exactly 6 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Rare Mega Pack
    Exactly 7 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Jumbo Rare Players Pack
    Exactly 8 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Ultimate Pack

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