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Which D3 Servers Do You Play Hearthstone

Many players will play Guo server, because many comrade-in-arms with them, but Often drops while playing games.

Feel now Jacob's ladder, shaman and warlock is a bit weak Good character extraction of hand good, relatively simple some, if the man had great difficulty (in) is generally Don't know if it because of these two career AOE more exotic, the shaman's two AOE has overload, forked lightning target uncertainty, lightning storm damage instability and a blue card

Warlock fiery hell will deal damage to his followers and heroes, shadowflame again lost one of his entourage These two career gave me the feeling is, once has been suppressed in number, it is difficult to fold back, I don't know whether I play has a problem In contrast, other professions, mage N more AOE, the pastor of holy nova with blood, paladin dedication with 2 fee equal can instantly clean off any entourage, the hunter to kill ability is difficult to be rivals on the following number to suppress (personal opinion)

Also felt a little bit to kill warlock ability is too weak, in the face of some high volume after it is difficult to clean up in time, all kinds of uncomfortable Hope later can balance will do better.

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